Guess What Happens When Honking an Old Lady on the Crosswalk What do you think happens to this driver that keeps honking on an old lady that passes in front of his car on the crosswalk?
19 Words That Mean Something Completely Different In The Midwest You’re not a true Midwesterner if you don’t make these word associations! Pop Elsewhere: a sound that can be annoying or startling. In the Midwest: carbonated beverages. Cat sold separately.
WAYS TO BURN 100 CALORIES JUST LIKE THAT When you need to shed some pounds, incorporating calorie-burning activities into your regular routine is crucial. You can burn 100 calories in no time by playing, doing daily tasks and having fun. If you don’t want to take a trip to the gym, then just try these super easy calorie-burners that are just as fun […]
These 23 Incredible Photos Have Changed How We See The World Today There are many moments that have changed the way people see the world around them. Photographers do the hard work of attempting to capture them on film as they happen. Whether they know it or not, they are single-handedly changing how history is remembered. All of these photos capture something unique. Some are inspiring, some […]
Keg Tapping Celebs Seen At Oktoberfest If you’re heading to Oktoberfest make sure to be on the look out for these stein-toting celebs! And definitely dress to impress the German way, because even America’s celebs know how to rock the most fashionable of lederhosen and dirndl. Kim Kardashian No one looks as ready to Oktoberfest than Kim, who is seen here […]
18 NOPE Travel Adventures Some people might be adrenaline seeking and find this kind of stuff ‘fun’. For the rest of us: Dear god no, please don’t make me do that when I’m supposed to be on vacation! Follow the skydiver through all of these crazy adventures. Jellyfish Swimming In Palau you have the option to take a swim […]
Beautiful Staircases From Around The World Some of the most beautiful architecture in the world can also serve a very functional purpose: stairs. We need them to get so many places, yet often forget how amazing staircases can be. Here are 13 places from around the globe where a staircase has been elevated to a true art form. Moses Bridge Stairs, […]
These Animals Think They’re People, Too — And It Will Make Your Day Pets are part of the family. While they usually don’t sit at the table with us, and they’re not expected to pull too much weight when it comes to driving the kids around or picking up a few items from the store…sometimes animals can surprise us with just how human they really are. These 25 […]
17 Crazy Factoids About Countries All Over The World You may think you know some of these countries pretty well, but you probably didn’t know these interesting tidbits of information. Ireland In Ireland, rather than a Birthday spanking tradition, children have their head bumped on the floor. For good luck, the birthday child is held upside down and the head bounced on the ground […]
19 OF “HARRY POTTER” CAST: THEN AND NOW The “Harry Potter” movies have been a huge part of our lives for almost the past 15 years. From Harry’s first step in Hogwarts to his final battle with Voldemort, we were with him all the way and meeting the magical witches and wizards that inhabited his world. Now that the story has ended, let’s […]
Awesome Things You Probably Didn’t Notice In These Famous Movies Most movies have little behind-the-scenes quirks that fans never learn until Trivia Night at a friend’s house…but this batch of movie trivia is different. Here are fairly obvious things you never noticed in some of the most famous movies around (even if you have watched these timeless classics over and over again). 1. Pierce Brosnan’s […]
Ghost Hunters Halloween Special at Buffalo Central Terminal Recap 2010 Ghost Hunters Halloween Special at Buffalo Central Terminal.
18 Fabulous Ski Towns That Will Have You Heading For The Mountains Apart from fulfilling tourists’ skiing needs, an ideal ski town must also have snowboarding, basic amenities, and enough luxuries to make your time in the mountains a jolly one. The following ski towns will definitely have you waxing up your skis. North Conway, New Hampshire There are a lot of great spots to ski in […]
Waverly Hills, Kentucky Sanatorium The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a closed sanatorium located in southwestern Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. It opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. In the early 1900s, Jefferson County was ravaged by an outbreak of tuberculosis (the “White Plague”) which prompted the construction of a new hospital. The hospital […]
You’ll Be In Stitches When You See How These Pets Handle Jealousy You might have thought jealousy was purely a human condition, but animal owners everywhere can confirm that their adorable pets totally have an envious side, too. The emotion usually rears its ugly head when they notice someone else getting more attention than them – which is obviously unacceptable. Whether it’s a new baby, a new […]
These 23 Awkward People Have NO Idea How Kissing Works (And It’s Hysterical) I believe that it’s pretty hard to be a bad kisser. First of all, not many people know how to do it from the start. There is no “how-to” guide on how to kiss. I suppose a lot of us just pick it up after some time and (terrible, embarrassing) practice. Unfortunately, some people never […]