He Found This Horse Dying In The Cold…What He Did Will Amaze You The weather in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter is nothing short of brutal. Cold winds, piercing rain, and snow can take a toll on infrastructure, let alone animals living outside. Which is why no living thing should be left out in the bitter, winter cold. But that’s just what these horses were subjected to. […]
These Odd-Looking Blobs Are Used To Make Something You’d Never Expect If you’re looking for a sweet treat, look no further. Candy makers from La Confiserie CandyLabs candy shop in Montreal finally get to show us just how they create custom hard candies completely by hand. The process involves huge blobs of sugar, flavoring, and malic acid. The blobs are then rolled, shaped, and sliced down […]
Guess What Happens When Honking an Old Lady on the Crosswalk What do you think happens to this driver that keeps honking on an old lady that passes in front of his car on the crosswalk?
These 14 Photos With Hilariously Awful Timing Will Make You LOL Hard Everyone has pictures in their family photo album that they never want to see again. They can range from embarrassing childhood photos to pictures of you captured at the wrong moment. Thankfully, they (hopefully) exist in that photo album and nowhere else, away from the eyes of the public. These photos are all examples of […]
27 Awesome Tattoos For The Travel Nerd In All Of Us If you have even a little wanderlust, these tattoos will be sure to impress you, and pique your desire
Extremely Risky Vacations For Daring Adrenaline Junkies If you are an adrenaline junkie that is just not satisfied by skiing in the Alps or backpacking across the Rockies, you may just have your eyes set on these extremely high-risk ideas to get your fix. Climb a South American Volcano These volcanoes may be dormant but that doesn’t make climbing to their summit […]
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Images from Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace 3D Ariel Teplitsky Movies Editor Toronto Star Twitter: @arielito

Darth Maul (Ray Park) is a Sith Lord who wages a brutal war against the Jedi Knights.
If You Can Sit Through These Animated GIFs, You Won’t Sleep…For Days The Internet is the premier place for people to escape from the world, usually in the form of adorable GIFs of animals or wacky kiss cam antics. But, as it turns out, there is also a dark side to GIFs. Often the scariest part of a horror movie is just a quick couple of seconds, […]
13 Fantastical Facts About Disneyland, The Most Magical Place On Earth It may be the most magical place on Earth, but there certainly a lot of strange things that go on behind the scenes. Think about these things the next time you are waiting in line for Splash Mountain! No Cheese, Please Generally, Disney cast members are encouraged to smile, but not the cast at The […]
26 Little-Known And Kind Of Weird Facts About Disney Parks Disney World and Disneyland are said to be the happiest places on earth. You might think that since you’ve seen every Disney movie that you know everything about these famous theme parks, but that’s probably not the case. The Point You will never see a Disney worker pointing with just one finger. All park employees […]
23 Must-Know Camping Hacks That Will Make You An Expert Of The Outdoors Camping is usually referred to as roughing it, and for good reason, since you’ll be leaving the world of running water and electrical outlets behind. But roughing it really doesn’t have to be so rough, as long as you know the tricks of how to get by in the woods. Try these out on your […]
Abandoned movie sets 1 Batman (1989)
Welcome To My Whimsical World I just love magical and dreamy things. I find it very therapeutic to express my dreams visually. It’s a great escape from the hectic world that we all live in. Everyone needs something to dream about. Even if it’s something weird or childish. In the forest
CELEBS WHO BROKE OUT OF THE CHILD STAR CURSE Despite stereotypes, many child actors have achieved success as adults, but some fall victim to the child star curse, abusing drugs and acting out in an attempt to deal with their fame. KRISTEN STEWART Kristen Stewart’s breakout role was as Jodie Foster’s daughter in “Panic Room.” She was 12 at the time, and her career […]
Animals Who Think Your Bad Jokes Are Actually Super Hilarious A good sense of humor is essential in order to really appreciate all the weird, wonderful, and often ridiculous parts of life. And sometimes, the best jokes are the ones that are actually the worst. At least that’s what these adorable animals seem to believe when they crack up over the silly jokes we tell […]
Here Are 10 Things The Internet Has Totally Been Lying To You About All Along The Internet is a great resource for finding and spreading knowledge and information. There’s just one problem: sometimes it’s used to spread information that’s just plain wrong. When enough people read misinformation without double-checking the source, it magically becomes knowledge. Oops! For instance, did you hear that there are two times as many kangaroos in […]
17 HAIR HACKS THAT ARE A MUST FOR THE GYM There’s nothing worse than hair flying all over the place in your face while you get fit. Hair can be out of the way AND beautiful while you work out! QUICK EMERGENCY KIT If you haven’t done so already, make yourself an emergency hair kit to fit inside your purse. Take an old container that […]