SNEEZY STARLETS WITH THE WORST ALLERGIES These famous ladies are used to the red carpet treatment, but just be sure that the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned! Whether it’s dust mites, plants, pet dander, or even candle wax, these superstars just can’t control their sneezes when that certain something is in the air. KELLY CLARKSON I guess the song “Because of […]
Foolproof Ways To Know You’ve Truly Found Your Perfect Soulmate Finding your soulmate is tremendously tough. You can have as many Tinder dates, blind dates, random hookups, and chance encounters as you want, but how do you know when you’ve found “the one”? It’s not easy, but these 12 ways might just help you on the path to relationship heaven. These people certainly found their […]
Shamu attacks and kills Pelican during show I was at SeaWorld San Diego on the 20th Feb 08 and attended the Shamu Killer Whale “Believe” show. During this show, Shamu lived up to his Killer Whale name. During the show a Pelican landed on the water. This proved to be a big mistake for this unfortunate bird. To capture this video I […]
What These 3 Girls Do With One Guitar Will Leave your Jaw On The Ground When most people want to learn how to play an instrument, they gravitate towards the guitar. It’s one of the most easily recognized instruments in the band. There is room for glory when a song needs a solo, or you can fade into the background if you want to play rhythm guitar. Oh, and you […]
This Bookcase May Look Normal, But It’s Hiding Something Amazing Sometimes, I like to imagine that the huge bookcases in some people’s homes are hidden doorways. (It’s probably a symptom of all the secret agent movies I watch.) Through that door is a clandestine room that only a privileged few are privy to. Maybe it’s full of ancient relics or a family fortune, or perhaps […]
It’s Impossible Not To Feel The Love From These Precious Puppy Kisses Humans could learn a thing or two from our littlest four-legged friends when it comes to showing affection. Puppies seem to be born with a natural urge to show everyone and everything just how much they love them, and they tend to love those things a lot. Each of these adorable little pups just can’t […]
These Strange Creations May Be Art, But They’re Surprisingly Useful Park benches are a luxury that often goes overlooked. After a long day, it’s sometimes nice to go to a park, sit on a bench, and just relax. Some creative designers took one of life’s simple pleasures and really upped the ante. They made some totally awesome park benches that allow you to not only […]
Beautiful Staircases From Around The World Some of the most beautiful architecture in the world can also serve a very functional purpose: stairs. We need them to get so many places, yet often forget how amazing staircases can be. Here are 13 places from around the globe where a staircase has been elevated to a true art form. Moses Bridge Stairs, […]
He Pretended To Take A Selfie, But Gave His Girl The Surprise Of A Lifetime Taking selfies is a fairly new phenomenon that came about with the advent of front-facing smartphone cameras. You can’t go anywhere without seeing people taking selfies and posting them to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When this man whipped out his phone for a supposed selfie, his girlfriend thought nothing of it. What followed was the […]
You’re Not Ready For This Accident Looking at the cars on the highway, then this crazy accident suddenly occurs – you have to watch the video, no spoilers here!
MOVIES THAT DEFINED 1990S FASHION No matter how you feel about it, the fashion trends of the 1990s were undeniably visible and varied. Did you ever wonder where these out-there trends came from? It shouldn’t be too surprising that most 90’s fashion began on the big screen. CLUELESS Plaid was huge in the 1990s. The print spread from the flannel […]
17 ROYAL FAMILY PHOTOS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Which royal family do you think you would most like to lead your country? Or do you belong in a different country now? JORDAN Jordan is right next to Israel, smack dab in the middle of the middle east. This royal family looks extremely modern and normal, not what you would expect.
If You Think Nature Is Beautiful, These Natural Phenomena Will Prove You Wrong City life often calls for the desire to explore the natural world. People in the city romanticize the outside world, when the reality is that nature is truly terrifying. Some animals in the wild are creatures who you think only exist in nightmares, but they are out there, waiting for people to take that wrong […]
A Tired, Hurt Deer Lay Down To Rest And When A Woman Came To Help…Wow A wild deer named Eva leads her herd through the same migratory path each year. A few years back, she hit a little speed bump in her travels. She must have walked through some jagged shrubbery, as she had some big gashes along her back. The matriarch deer was exhausted. Eva stopped to rest in […]
17 HAIR HACKS THAT ARE A MUST FOR THE GYM There’s nothing worse than hair flying all over the place in your face while you get fit. Hair can be out of the way AND beautiful while you work out! QUICK EMERGENCY KIT If you haven’t done so already, make yourself an emergency hair kit to fit inside your purse. Take an old container that […]
Rare Pictures Of Celebrities Before They Got Famous When these photos were taken, these pre-celebs didn’t know that the whole world would someday know their names. Queen Elizabeth II Here is Queen Elizabeth II back when she was known as Princess Elizabeth at 18 years old. Elizabeth was a truck driver, and is the only member of the Royal Family to serve in […]