Shamu attacks and kills Pelican during show I was at SeaWorld San Diego on the 20th Feb 08 and attended the Shamu Killer Whale “Believe” show. During this show, Shamu lived up to his Killer Whale name. During the show a Pelican landed on the water. This proved to be a big mistake for this unfortunate bird. To capture this video I […]
16 Bizarrely Classic Bars Around The World There are more pubs on Earth than one person could possibly see in a lifetime, but not all bars are made the same. These weird, cool, trendy and beautiful bars from all around the world will have you longing to pull up a stool, and share a drink with some close friends. Hotel Edelweiss: Mürren, […]
How A Dad Transformed His Son’s Room Will Make Your Inner Child Insanely Jealous Many kids love to play pirate games in their backyards with twigs for swords and pennies for treasure. In fact, a life of searching for buried treasure and exploring the ocean sounds pretty cool, no matter how old you may be. One creative dad made his son’s imaginary pirate world a reality with the coolest […]
16 OF THE WORST CELEB FOOD SNAPS Growing up, we were always told that we are what we eat. So what do these pics of food say about these celebrities? MARIA MENOUNOS In this snap shot, she is nearly missing her open mouth with her food while the man in the background looks like he fears his meal will attack him. Surely […]
They Were Just Filming Her Belly Bump..And They Caught Something Crazy On Tape When women are pregnant, it’s not uncommon for them to feel the baby kick inside the womb. It’s a shared experience that most, if not all, women can relate to. But when this couple was making a home video documenting this woman’s baby bump, something absolutely unexpected happened and it’s kind of freaky. It seems […]
17 Crazy Factoids About Countries All Over The World You may think you know some of these countries pretty well, but you probably didn’t know these interesting tidbits of information. Ireland In Ireland, rather than a Birthday spanking tradition, children have their head bumped on the floor. For good luck, the birthday child is held upside down and the head bounced on the ground […]
18 NOPE Travel Adventures Some people might be adrenaline seeking and find this kind of stuff ‘fun’. For the rest of us: Dear god no, please don’t make me do that when I’m supposed to be on vacation! Follow the skydiver through all of these crazy adventures. Jellyfish Swimming In Palau you have the option to take a swim […]
If You Get Through These Vintage Photos, You Won’t Be Sleeping Much Tonight According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 50 to 70 million American adults suffer from some type of sleep disorder. The cause of this nationwide exhaustion is attributed to a wide range of factors, including technology’s ever-growing hold over the population, and that old American standby: poor diet. It’s so bad, in […]
22 Hilarious Dog Faces That’ll Have You Laughing ‘Til You Can’t Breathe 1. “Listen: I’m so sorry for what you’re about to find in the kitchen.”
Man’s Best Playground Companion One man and his best friend compete in jumping on and around the trees in the park – words cannot express the joy you will feel watching this short video!
Museums You HAVE To Visit In Your Lifetime Museums showcase the works of the best and brightest of all time. The museums on this list hold everything from traditional art to abstract art to archeological findings. Make sure to visit as many as you can in your lifetime. National Folk Museum Of Korea In Greece you will find an amazing museum that focuses […]
A Few Fishermen Felt Something Hit Their Boat, But Never Expected This Visitor There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but this clever sea lion has figured out a much easier way to find his next meal. When lunchtime strikes in this Cabo San Lucas marina, residents aren’t surprised when they’re greeted by one of the four or five hungry faces who often hop up to […]
Celebs Get “Cholafied” By Latino Artist And The Results Are Hilarious L.A. artist Michael Jason Enriquez decided that a fun way to pay homage to the eccentric style he grew up around was to imagine what some of the famous celebs of our day would look sporting the Chola gangster style. From thin dark eyebrows to heavy lipliner and neck tattoos, these celebs made the full […]
These Strange Creations May Be Art, But They’re Surprisingly Useful Park benches are a luxury that often goes overlooked. After a long day, it’s sometimes nice to go to a park, sit on a bench, and just relax. Some creative designers took one of life’s simple pleasures and really upped the ante. They made some totally awesome park benches that allow you to not only […]
CELEBS WHO CROSS-DRESSED FOR THE BIG SCREEN Actors are meant to push the boundaries of human emotions and expectations. Throughout the years, several prolific actors have taken roles that require them to wear the clothing of the opposite gender. Some of these roles were moving, heartbreaking, or funny, but others just flopped. JARED LETO Jared Leto was seen in women’s clothing to […]